Meet the team !

The Wardens

We are a team of members of academic staff, post-graduate and under-graduate students. Our primary function is to give you support and advice on all the major and minor issues that you will encounter in coming to study and live at Imperial. We will also be helping you organise the social life of the Hall, and helping you to appoint a Hall Committee. The team operates a coordinated system of warden cover.

Savvas Saouros


Floor E2, flat 243
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry.

Hello and welcome to Imperial College and Beit Hall. I am Savvas the Warden and a researcher in the department of Biochemistry. Originally from Cyprus, I have spent the last years at Imperial. Having lived in a number of Halls I can assure you that this is one of the best (if not the best) place to live.

I am supported by a team of enthusiastic wardens and we aim to help you enjoy the best possible student experience by providing pastoral care, organising events and looking after your general well-being. So please feel free to approach us and let us know of how you are doing! I look forward to meeting you during the coming year.

Freddie Page

Assistant Warden

Floor W4, flat 420
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Physics.

Hello and a warm welcome to Beit Hall! I'm Freddie, the Assistant Warden. Along with the rest of the wardening team, it's my job to ensure that you have a great experience during your time here at Beit. The team has been preparing for a cracking Welcome Week with lots of exciting things to do, make sure to check out all the details as they come through here on our website and facebook, and get involved with everything. We're also here to help when things aren't going so well. For problems big or small you can always get in contact with us and we'll work together to find a solution. My room is 420 on the South West 4 Corner.

Outside of wardening, I am a researcher in the physics department studying how light travels along graphene sheets. If I'm not in the office or running around Hyde Park, you can usually find me in my room, probably trying to play one of my musical instruments. Come visit for a tea and a chat!

Sam Cooper


Floor W2, flat 222
Postgraduate, Materials.

Welcome to Beit! I’ll be the subwarden for the South 2 and West 3 corridors, but any of you are welcome to come find me in room 222. Besides wardening, I also simulate battery microstructures and might even be lecturing maths to a few of you (double lucky!). During my first year at Imperial I also lived in Beit and had an excellent time – you’ve got a lot to be excited about. Being located so close to campus and to the union gives you a great opportunity to make the most of your first year, but London is a big city, so don’t forget to go out and explore! I look forward meeting you all and hopefully planning events with those of you who have ideas for spending our significant party budget!

Rowena Brugge


Floor S3, flat 342
Postgraduate, Materials.

Hi, I’m Rowena. I’m currently working on my PhD in the Materials Department, hoping to come up with the ultimate solid-state lithium battery. I came to London as a postgraduate after studying for a Masters in Chemistry and a year working for a well-known oil company, in and around Oxford. When I’m not messing around in a glovebox, trying to solve the world’s energy storage problems, I enjoy singing with Imperial’s very own college choir, cooking and being green-fingered.

Ethan Butler


Floor EG, flat 032
Postgraduate, Chemical Engineering.

Hello Beit Freshers! My name is Ethan and I hail from a Christmas Tree farm in the tiny and difficult-to-pronounce state of Connecticut, USA. While growing up in small-town America has given me an appreciation of the outdoors, living in London has given me an appreciation of things open after 9:00 pm. Some of the best food, drink, music and theatre can be found here in London and Beit is easily one of the best places to live in London. Welcome! Between all of the fun you’ll have this year, pop by my room (032) or chemical engineering (ACEX 118) if you have questions, want advice or just want to have a chat!

Deborah Schneider-luftman


Floor W1, flat 107
Data Scientist, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (School of Public Health)

Things I like: 5 weeks old kittens; unexpectedly good concerts; rating sunsets on the 0-10 scale; poorly born babies who got to live 80+ yrs; courgettis; easy DIY jobs; multivariate statistics applied to medical data; apple crunch tea; room 107 on floor W1; overhangs on v1 lanes; well ripened avocadoes; Eldritch horror; matching hat and gloves sets; correctly aligned NMR spectra; people who defy gender norms; long standing friendships; Python; glistening summer sun on the Thames; Imgur; rescue pets; true passion for a subject field; lemon sole and plaice; water fowl.
If you can concur, or not, and want to chat about it or anything else life-related, I am always happy to talk, answer questions, give advice, and listen non-judgmentally :)

Samata Pandey


Floor WG, flat 030
Postgraduate, Medicine.

My name is Samata and I will be starting my PhD in the Faculty of Medicine this year. I previously did my undergrad and Masters both at Imperial, so if you need anything - I can hopefully help! I am a keen traveller and love sports, with bouldering, swimming and Muay Thai being my main interests at the moment. Originally I’m from Nepal, but grew up in the Philippines so I know the struggles of moving to a new city and country. London is a great place, with so much to offer - I would be happy to give recommendations!

Sarah Wissing


Floor E1, flat 142
Dyson School of Design Engineering

Hey I am Sarah, I work in the Design Engineering School. I have an MA in English and have studied in Denmark, France as well as London. I love coffee and butternut squash. When I am not working, I enjoy running, yoga (currently at wobbly tree level), concerts and theatre. Do feel free to come see me anytime. I look forward to meeting you all.

The Hall Seniors

These are a special breed of student thought too dangerous to be let loose in the world at large and so kept for an extra year in the Hall. More seriously, their job is to take you under their wing and give you a proper introduction to the College from a student perspective. They also organise and run Hall events especially for the first few weeks of the term – after which we will form a Committee from the new residents to take over some of these duties.


Hi guys, congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Beit Hall! I’m Terence, a second year mechanical engineering student. I was born and raised in London, and I stayed in Beit as a fresher so I know it’s the best Hall to live in (you can wake u p really late for 9am lectures). I’m a British-born Chinese who enjoys food, boxing, football, Led Zeppelin and procrastination. Imperial can be a tough place to study at, but with a great team of Hall Seniors, tons of societies, events and London at your doorstep, your first year will be awesome. My door on East Basement is always open, metaphorically and literally, so always feel free to come and talk about anything.

Eu Gene

Selamat datang to Beit! My name is Eu Gene and I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student from sunny Malaysia. You’ll realise that Beit is the best residence hall out there in no time and I hope you will enjoy your stay! I like travelling, exploring different cultures, playing squash and basketball. I will be organising the Beit basketball team to play in the weekly tournament, so give me a shout if you’re a player. I’m fascinated with solar energy and I managed to install a solar power system at my house this summer! Renewable energy is the way forward for mankind and I hope to contribute to this cause. You can find me at the EG corridor and I'm always up for a chat! I look forward to meeting you in the myriad of events that Beit has to offer!


Hello there! My name is Angela and I am a second year biology student. Before coming to London, I spent the last 13 years of my life in the bustling city of Shanghai. When I’m not doing work, you will probably find me eating, training in the Ethos pool, or out exploring the city (and eating). I love making and eating food (food is love, food is life), watching movies, drawing (and all things artsy) and animals. If you ever have any questions or would just like to chat, feel free to hit me up! I look forward to meeting you all, get ready for an amazing year in Beit!


G’day young whipper-snappers, I’m Lachie (pronounced Lock-ee according to my parents) and I will be playing the role of token Australian Hall Senior for your Beit adventures this year. I’m currently a third year Aeronautics student who had the immense privilege of living here in my first year and I must caution you - it is a dangerously good time! Having moved from the other side of the planet to study here you might think I would have a few solid experiences. Indeed, I’ve been a member of a great many societies here at Imperial - hockey, drama, American football, jazz & rock, and snowsports to name a few - and can offer you a wealth of advice on how to have a great time whilst simultaneously not failing your degree (or alternatively on how to bandage a snake bite should you find that useful). I look forward to meeting you all - cheers!


Hey guys! First up, congratulations on getting into Imperial and more importantly, Beit Hall!! Here's a little something about myself: I'm Andrei, a 3rd year EEE student and hall senior of E1. I'm originally Romanian, but I've been living in Canada pretty much my entire life now. I love almost all kinds of sports, but football is definitely my favourite as I am a football player myself. If you're a sports person like me, please feel free to come talk to me about anything sports-related, and even if you're not a sports person, do feel free to come talk to me anyway. I'd love to have a conversation about anything under the sun.

Let's make this year in halls one of the best experiences you'll have!


Hey! My name is Aamanh and I’m a third year Mechanical Engineer! I was born in Canada but have lived in Birmingham for the past 10 years, making my accent potentially incomprehensible at times. I’m a keen racket sports player, enjoy travelling, and am an avid cook! As a VP of the investment society, to any of you who want to explore other potential careers, I’m always up for a chat to share my experiences and recruit some new members! Congratulations on getting your offer, life in halls is awesome and can be really fun. I want to help you to make the most of your first year, so don’t hesitate to knock on my door if you have a question, want to go grab a drink or just need someone to talk to.


Hey guys! Congrats on your place at Imperial and more importantly at Beit (pronounced 'bite', not 'bait')! I'm in my third year of studying Maths and, having already lived in Beit as a fresher, I can assure you that you'll have a blast. It's a two minute walk from anywhere you would need to go to, such as: the union, the library, a plethora of museums, Hyde Park... oh and even lectures!

The Hall Seniors and Subwardens are all here to put the 'best' into the 'best time of your life' - we'll be organising fun all-night revision sessions, extracurricular exams and much, much more! Haha, only kidding, your courses will be providing that side of things. Whereas, we will have loads of fresher events lined up ready for your arrival and plenty throughout the year too! I'll be the Hall Senior for W1, so feel free to knock, visit and ask away!


Hi there! Congrats for making it to Imperial! It’s time to discover what uni life is like. It might seem scary at first, but that's why we are here. Feel free to ask me any questions. I am a third year student in computing and know a lot about Imperial and London. I would be happy help you. I am an outgoing person who is interested in many things - from sports to science to clubs. I am a relaxed person, so I won't be bothered even if you feel like knocking on my door at 4:00 am to talk. Don't be scared to ask whenever you need something. Hope you will make the most of your time at uni. I will make sure that your first year will be memorable!


Hey everyone! I’m Milia – third year Biomedical Engineering student, and CGCU President. I'd like to congratulate each and every one of you for getting into Imperial! Studying here and living in London is really an amazing and unforgettable experience, and I hope you make the most of it. You’re especially lucky to be living in Beit of all places!

One of the best things about uni is the vast amount of activities you can - and should - try out. I’m personally in several Clubs and Societies like Bioengineering Society (former President), Model United Nations (former Secretary of Conferences), Musical Theatre, Dance Company… and I hope to see some of you there.

Come find me in W2 if you have any problems or need anything - I'm always happy to help, and I’ll probably have cake. Can't wait to meet you all!


Hi there! Well done on all your hard work for A-levels finally paying off! Be very excited to live in Beit this year - the location is ideal and you have a band of smiley hall seniors and wardens waiting to welcome you.

I’m Eloise, a second year geologist who is entirely obsessed with dinosaurs and sparkles. I love to travel and hike (mostly to get on top of more rocks). Between various forms of rock hiking, I enjoy Ballroom, Latin and Lindy hop dance as well as cooking to cheesy 80s electronica. I love finding quirky cafes and hidden spots, so if you need a lazy afternoon boredom cure, I’ll recommend places off the beaten track.

That’s enough about me. Let me give you some useful tips before you arrive:

1. When you’re packing don’t forget lemsip (freshers flu is a real thing), a drying rack and a funky slotted spoon, which is great for pasta and veggies (yes mum, we do still eat our greens).
2. Apply for an Oyster card early because even though you’re in Beit, whenever you leave South Ken you’ll use it for the tube/bus.
3. When you get here, take the big step and come out of your room to meet all of your neighbours - you’re all about to share a great year together!
4. Try a club or society. Why don’t you pick up an old hobby or try something entirely new? The first term is a fab time to do something different without any commitment.


Hi Guys! I'm Bethany and I'm in my 4th & final year of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on getting a place at one of the world’s best universities - you have a lot of incredible & exciting opportunities ahead of you, so make the most of them! When I'm not studying, you will probably find that I'm exploring the vibrant culture of London, singing somewhere with my A Cappella group the Imperielles, or socializing in the bar. I can't advise you enough to get involved with new societies and branch out as much as you possibly can. It makes finding the people you will be friends with forever a load easier! I look forward to organizing events and hanging out with you guys throughout the year! See you in September!


Hey there freshers. I’m Ali, a second year biochemist. Congrats on getting the privilege of spending your first year in the best hall at Imperial. The luckiest of you will get a room on the east 4th floor (yes that is my floor), but even if you don’t, just knock on my door if you need any help settling in. Coming from Milan, I spent my first term being a bit of a tourist. So if you need someone to give you advice on what to see and where to go, I’m pretty sure I can help. I’m also the vice-president of the Krav Maga society. So if you’re thinking of doing martial arts this year, just do Krav ‘cause it’s the best!


Firstly, congratulations to all of you on getting into Imperial and more importantly Beit! Here at Beit you have the privilege of being on the doorstep of the Union, and personally I think there is no better way to spend your Fresher’s year. My name is Devon. I am a 4th Year Chemist and I will be on S1. I go climbing every week and would love to introduce anyone who would be interested in giving it a go. It is an awesome sport. Any new Chemists out there? My door is always open should you need any help! Make sure you get involved with events and societies and make the most of living in London. I hope you are all looking forward to living in Beit. I certainly am! Let’s make it a great year!


Heyyyy Freshers! A big, fat, warm welcome to Imperial!! Warning: these next few years may be one of the best moments of your life! I’m super excited to meet you all and I hope you enjoy your stay here at Beit. My name is Grace and I’m a second year medical student. I like cooking, eating, music (both performing and composing), sports (football, netball, athletics, etc.), and trying out new things. Imperial has so many clubs and societies to cater to your interests, so make sure you go to freshers’ fair; you many find me at the Gospel choir or Christian Medical Fellowship stand! Congrats on getting in and I hope you enjoy the journey. I’m always up for a chat, so whenever you see me around feel free to say, “Hi!”. See you soon!


Hey guys! Congratulations on getting into Imperial! My name is Sabah and I'm a 3rd year mechanical engineer. In my spare time, I like to wander around London - there's always something going on or something to see. I love meeting and talking to people, so if you ever want a pair of ears or someone to explore the city with, come say, "Hi!".


Housekeeping can be contacted for any issues regarding the premises, the rooms or furniture. They are located on the ground floor, past the West Common Room (WCR), on weekdays 9am-5pm. If you have any issues, you can fill out a defect form and they will be taken care of as soon as possible.