Meet the team !

The Wardens

We are a team of members of academic staff, post-graduate and under-graduate students. Our primary function is to give you support and advice on all the major and minor issues that you will encounter in coming to study and live at Imperial. We will also be helping you organise the social life of the Hall, and helping you to appoint a Hall Committee. The team operates a coordinated system of warden cover.

Savvas Saouros


Floor E2, flat 243
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry.

Hello and welcome to Imperial College and Beit Hall. I am Savvas the Warden and a researcher in the department of Biochemistry. Originally from Cyprus, I have spent the last years at Imperial. Having lived in a number of Halls I can assure you that this is one of the best (if not the best) place to live.

I am supported by a team of enthusiastic wardens and we aim to help you enjoy the best possible student experience by providing pastoral care, organising events and looking after your general well-being. So please feel free to approach us and let us know of how you are doing! I look forward to meeting you during the coming year.

Freddie Page

Assistant Warden

Floor W4, flat 420
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Physics.

Hello and a warm welcome to Beit Hall! I'm Freddie, the Assistant Warden. Along with the rest of the wardening team, it's my job to ensure that you have a great experience during your time here at Beit. The team has been preparing for a cracking Welcome Week with lots of exciting things to do, make sure to check out all the details as they come through here on our website and facebook, and get involved with everything. We're also here to help when things aren't going so well. For problems big or small you can always get in contact with us and we'll work together to find a solution. My room is 420 on the South West 4 Corner.

Outside of wardening, I am a researcher in the physics department studying how light travels along graphene sheets. If I'm not in the office or running around Hyde Park, you can usually find me in my room, probably trying to play one of my musical instruments. Come visit for a tea and a chat!

Jack Cordrey


Floor W2, flat 222
Postgraduate, Chemical Engineering.

Hello and a warm welcome to Beit Hall and Imperial College. Congratulations on securing your place at this prestigious university. I’ll be the subwarden for the South 2 and West 3 corridors, but all of you are welcome to find me in Room 222. I am currently studying for my PhD in Chemical Engineering working on synthetic biopharmaceuticals. With your first year in Beit Hall, take full advantage of being close to campus and the Union, with events run year round, and the great city of London at your doorstep, there will always be plenty to do and plenty to explore. Look forward to meeting you all, if you want to have a chat, need help or advice, about college, academics, sports including e-sports or anything, I will be there for you.

Rowena Brugge


Floor S3, flat 342
Postgraduate, Materials.

Hi, I’m Rowena. I’m currently working on my PhD in the Materials Department, hoping to come up with the ultimate solid-state lithium battery. I came to London as a postgraduate after studying for a Masters in Chemistry and a year working for a well-known oil company, in and around Oxford. When I’m not messing around in a glovebox, trying to solve the world’s energy storage problems, I enjoy singing with Imperial’s very own college choir, cooking and being green-fingered.

Ethan Butler


Floor EG, flat 032
Postgraduate, Chemical Engineering.

Hello Beit Freshers! My name is Ethan and I hail from a Christmas Tree farm in the tiny and difficult-to-pronounce state of Connecticut, USA. While growing up in small-town America has given me an appreciation of the outdoors, living in London has given me an appreciation of things open after 9:00 pm. Some of the best food, drink, music and theatre can be found here in London and Beit is easily one of the best places to live in London. Welcome! Between all of the fun you’ll have this year, pop by my room (032) or chemical engineering (ACEX 118) if you have questions, want advice or just want to have a chat!

Julia Sun


Floor W1, flat 107
Postgraduate, Bioengineering

Welcome to Beit! My name is Julia and I’m a PhD student working on new nanotechnology-based devices for neuroscience. I grew up in the American Midwest before moving to London as a Fulbright Scholar and have been in love with the city ever since. When I’m not working in the cleanroom, I enjoy teaching as a GTA, travelling to new cities, and going to concerts and shows in the West End. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to Beit Hall. Please feel free to stop by my room in W1 if you ever need a chat or advice, I’m always happy to talk and listen!

Samata Pandey


Floor WG, flat 030
Postgraduate, Chemical Engineering.

Hi everyone, I'm Samata and I will be the subwarden for West Ground, but anyone is welcome to come over for a chat. This will be my sixth year at Imperial, as I'm currently in my second year of my PhD. I've been here for a while, so if you need anything (Imperial related or not) - I can hopefully help! I am a keen traveller and love sports, with bouldering, swimming and Muay Thai being my main interests at the moment. I’m from Nepal, but I grew up in the Philippines before moving to London for university, so I understand the struggles of moving to a new city and country. London (and South Kensington!) is a great place, with so much to offer - I would be happy to give all types of recommendations!

Sarah Wissing


Floor E1, flat 142
Dyson School of Design Engineering

Hey I am Sarah, I work in the Design Engineering School. I have an MA in English and have studied in Denmark, France as well as London. I love coffee and butternut squash. When I am not working, I enjoy running, yoga (currently at wobbly tree level), concerts and theatre. Do feel free to come see me anytime. I look forward to meeting you all.

The Hall Seniors

These are a special group of undergraduate students asked to stay in Halls for an extra year. Their job is to take you under their wing and give you a proper introduction to the College from a student’s perspective. They also work closely with the wardening team to organise and run Hall events, especially for the first few weeks of the term – after which we will form a Committee from the new residents to take over some of these duties.


Hi guys, congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Beit Hall! I’m Terence, a third year mechanical engineering student. I was born and raised in London, and I stayed in Beit as a fresher so I know it’s the best Hall to live in (you can wake u p really late for 9am lectures). I enjoy food, boxing, football, Led Zeppelin and procrastination. Imperial can be a tough place to study at, but with a great team of Hall Seniors, tons of societies, events and London at your doorstep, your first year will be awesome. My door on E4 is always open, metaphorically and literally, so always feel free to come and talk about anything.


Hello and welcome to Imperial! My name is Merissa and I'm a fourth year Mechanical Engineer. I am always very enthusiastic and enjoy doing all kinds of sports: swimming, cycling, running and especially playing Tennis. I also like cooking or more specifically ‘caking’ so if it’s your birthday let me know and you might get a birthday cake! During my time at Imperial I have joined many clubs and societies, there is something for everyone and its always good fun, but the best part is all the great people to meet. I am looking forward to meeting you and if you ever need anything (a chat, ingredients for some recipe, someone to wake you up in the mornings, help with Mech Eng… anything) just knock on my door :D


Hey IC Freshers, welcome to Beit! I’m Charlotte, a 2nd year mechanical engineering student. I had a real adventure living at Beit in my first year. You will soon realise that Beit is the place to be and not just because lectures are 5 minutes away!

I’m originally from the depths of the English countryside, but love living in London and am always up for exploring. I’m a sporty, health nut and love cooking. Why not join me for an open water swim in Hyde Park’s Serpentine lake? IC has so many societies on offer so branch out and get stuck in! I’m also passionate about the environment so come to me with all your recycling questions. Find me at the East Ground corridor, I’m always up for a chat. Looking forward to meeting you all and let the adventures begin!


Hey guys, I'm Dheeraj, or Dhee for short, and I'm a third year Computing student. Anyone part of Computing (or JMC) are lucky to be part of DoCSoc which, believe it or not, is the most fun society at Imperial. I've been a member of a few sports teams here at Imperial and if that's your thing then there's absolutely loads of opportunities to play sports at all levels. If you see me around, I'll be glad to stop and chat. I look forward to meeting you all!


Congratulations on getting into Imperial and especially into Beit! My name is Vanya and I will be one of your hall seniors for this year. I am going into my final year of Biochemistry and have just got back from a year of research abroad. If any of you have questions on how the convoluted Biochem/Biology systems work or what taking a year out is like, please feel free to ask. I am well versed in the stresses that university life imposes on us all and am quite familiar with how the mental health infrastructure of Imperial "works" - if you ever feel like everything is getting too much and need assistance, I have been there and know how to help. I am also a big fan of SciFi novels, space and the origin of life. Talk to me about those subjects if you want to slip away from our conversation unnoticed. Finally, if you want a set of dogmatic answers as to where the best food and coffee are available in London, I'm your guy.


So you're finally here, Imperial College - congratulations on making it this far! My name's Ayush, I'm in my third year of physics. The next few years of your lives are going to be INCREDIBLE! There's literally hundreds of societies where you can meet new people, go on insanely subsidized trips abroad (skiing, surfing, skydiving). There's chances to do things you wouldn't even consider possible before - like travelling to the other side of the world on an impulse, by raising money for charity at the same time. The next few years are truly yours, so get out there and make them the ones you'll truly remember! Also it doesn't hurt to live in Beit which is only 30 seconds away from the campus, and the most social hall of them all :').


Hey guys, I'm Ben and I'm a second year Computing student. Congrats on getting into Imperial! You are going to love Beit. You are literally 3 minutes from lectures, hyde park and some amazing museums. We will organise great socials throughout the year. I grew up in Windsor (sorry about the posh accent), only 40 minutes away from London and I love the gym, good movies, volunteering and pretty much anything outdoors. I was also a Beit fresher last year and I know first hand how much you are going to enjoy this year. I will be the hall senior for E3 so if you want to chat please come knock on my door.


Hi there! Congrats for making it to Imperial! It’s time to discover what uni life is like. It might seem scary at first, but that's why we are here. Feel free to ask me any questions. I am a third year student in computing and know a lot about Imperial and London. I would be happy help you. I am an outgoing person who is interested in many things - from sports to science to clubs. I am a relaxed person, so I won't be bothered even if you feel like knocking on my door at 4:00 am to talk. Don't be scared to ask whenever you need something. Hope you will make the most of your time at uni. I will make sure that your first year will be memorable!


Hey everyone! I’m Milia – a fourth year Biomedical Engineering student. I'd like to congratulate each and every one of you for getting into Imperial! Studying here and living in London is really an amazing and unforgettable experience, and I hope you make the most of it. You’re especially lucky to be living in Beit of all places!

One of the best things about uni is the vast amount of activities you can - and should - try out. I’ve been continously involved in several clubs and societies. Let me know if you want any more information about acitvities - or anything at all really!

Come find me in W1 if you have any problems or need anything - I'm always happy to help, and I’ll probably have cake. Can't wait to meet you all!


Hello, I'm Matthew and I came to Imperial last year to study Physics. I have really enjoyed getting involved in Badminton at university during my free time and in addition to this, I like to play Mahjong. I really recommend pursuing any interests that you have beyond your course this year. Having not lived in a city before, I have recently had to acclimatise to the big change of living in London and I can offer any insight I have gained thus far. I look forward to meeting all new Beit residents at the start of the Autumn Term. Congrats on getting into Imperial once again!


Well done on getting into Imperial! My name is Molly, I'm a 4th year studying Chemical Engineering. I was born in China and grew up in Somerset. I love going to the theatre in my spare time, so if you are interested in exploring London’s theatre during your first year feel free to speak to me! I’m also involved in a charitable society called Project Nepal and I really recommend you to join us cuz we have lots of fundraising socials which are super fun! If you have any problems or struggling to settle in you are welcome to knock on my door (I’m at South 1st Floor). Looking forward to seeing you all.


Hi, Tade here! I’m a third year studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Congrats on getting into Imperial College! The next few years certainly promise to be an interesting ride. I love a good story, discovering new music and trying out new food recipes (though they hardly ever turn out quite right). Please feel free to holler at me if you’ve got any questions or are simply just looking for someone to listen. You can find me on S3. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hey guys! Congrats on securing a place at Imperial, and Beit – its coolest hall! My name is Shravan. I’m a second year doing JMC (stands for Joint Maths and Computer Science). On top of that, I play drums in a band, DJ at Music Tech Society, and am involved in Model United Nations. If you are looking to get involved in any of these activities, or need a concert buddy for any of the many great gigs in London, give me a shout! I can’t wait to meet you all and help make sure your first year is amazing!


Hello Freshers!

First, congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Beit Hall! I’m Nihad, a 4th year chemical engineering student. I was a fresher at Beit and can tell you that this is the best place to be! You are at the centre of London and minutes away from iconic museums, Hyde Park but most important of all – the lectures.

Along with your studies, you can get involved in a variety of activities. At Imperial, there are loads of societies which you can join, try something new and meet new people. Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you guys have any questions or just want to have a chat, feel free to knock on my door at W1.

I look forward to meeting you all! :D


Hey guys, welcome to Beit and congratulations on getting into Imperial! I'm Sabah, a fourth year of mechanical engineering student. I spend most of my spare time making tea or wandering around London - there's always something to see or do. The hall senior team will be putting on loads of events throughout the year and I'd encourage you to go to them as it's a great way to make friends (and get free food!). I'm on floor E2, you're welcome to pop by whenever you want some company/tea. :D

Hall Supervisor

The Hall Supervisor can be contacted for any issues regarding the premises, the rooms or furniture. They are located on the ground floor, past the West Common Room (WCR), on weekdays 9am-5pm. If you have any issues, you can fill out a defect form and they will be taken care of as soon as possible.